Tammy and Teddy's
Foot or Paw Protection for Animals
Booties for Degenerative Myelopathy in dogs, Spondylosis, Arthritis
or other clinical problems leading to paralysis of the spine

Measuring Instructions

  1. Circumference - measure around the widest point of the paw.
  2. Paw Width - width of the paw at the bottom at its widest point - width measured same way for both back and front paw as shown in the front paw diagram 2 (easier if dog steps on measuring tape)
  3. Paw Length - length from the tip of the paw toenail to the instep
  4. Height - from the floor to the bottom of the hock (elbow)
IMPORTANT - If the dog/cat has a dew claw (which is the fifth claw on side of leg), need to measure from the tip of the toenail to the top of the dewclaw. This is for proper velcro placement.

Measuring Diagram Back Legs (Diagram 1)

Dog Back Leg Measurements

Measuring Diagram for Single Velcro Boot Dew Claw - Front Leg (Diagram 2 & 3)

Dog Legs Velcro Measurements     Leg Height Paw Length Circumference

Measuring Diagram for Non-quilted Only Double Velcro Long Boot (Diagram 4)

Dog Legs Velcro Measurements