Tammy and Teddy's: Foot or Paw Protection for dogs with Degenerative Myelopathy, Spondylosis, Arthritis or other clinical problems leading to paralysis of the spine

Tammy and Teddy's
Foot or Paw Protection for Animals
Booties for dogs with Degenerative Myelopathy, Spondylosis, Arthritis
or other clinical problems leading to paralysis of the spine

Tammy and Teddy's: Foot or Paw Protection for dogs with Degenerative Myelopathy, Spondylosis, Arthritis or other clinical problems leading to paralysis of the spine


When Teddy, my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, developed Degenerative Myelopathy, she was fitted with wheels from Eddie's Wheels. One hind leg did not work but she still had use of her other one. In pushing herself around on the good foot, she scraped her pads up and tore her nails. None of the commercial booties would fit or stay on her. Leslie, at Eddie's Wheels, told me to get in touch with Carol, who made special boots to fit physically challenged dogs. Carol's dog Tammy suffered from the same disease and she too was coping with this same problem. Carol's beautifully crafted custom made boots proved to be the solution for protecting Teddys' feet. Her boots were rubberized against inclement weather and the New York pavements. She also had soft slippers to wear in the house.

Anyone who is battling the problems of physically challenged dogs knows how difficult it is to stay ahead of debilitating problems. They arise so quickly. Keeping a dogs feet protected is one of the most important things one can do to avoid sores and infections from occurring.

Carol takes great pride in her workmanship and makes sure that the boots fit well. This essential aid will provide comfort and extend the health of your dogs paws. I highly endorse these booties.

Thank you Carol,

Hi Carol,

Our dog Morgan was 14 years old when he came to us for Assisted Care living. He was a 75 pound lab with severe arthritis, particularly in his elbows and feet. His feet were splayed out, so the webs between his toes came in close contact with the ground. He also dragged his hind feet, so that the toenails were worn down beyond the quick (ouch!). His front toenails were so overgrown, and the quick had grown so far out, that it was impossible to trim them back enough for him to walk on them comfortably. Also, he had a weakness on one side, so that one hind foot twisted slightly as he walked.

Our property is mostly woodsy, with some mulched trails and concrete paths, and I could see that it was uncomfortable for him to walk on it. It was particularly uncomfortable for him to walk on our gravel driveway, when going for walks down the street (our neighbors had grass, which he loved to spend time on!) Also, he also couldn't get any traction on our laminate floors. We put runners everywhere, but he always managed to get stuck on the bare floor spots.

Because of his deformities, his feet didn't fit into standard sized dog booties. We tried many different "over-the-counter" brands in various sizes, and he wasn't comfortable in any of them. They just didn't fit right.

Luckily, I came across Tammy and Teddy's in my internet search for customized dog booties. Carol was so loving and concerned about Morgan. Since we were in a rainy season, we tried many different versions of her "all weather boots". They were exactly the kind of thing he needed, and she remade them for us free of charge to get the fit exactly right. Unfortunately, because of Morgan's abnormal gait, the boots would rotate on his foot, so that he was walking on the wrong surface of them and would trip. When I was just about ready to give up, having tried at least 8 different types of boots on him before these, Carol said, "Let me send you one of my dog slippers, and you can try it on him. Sometimes big dogs will accept these more readily than the booties." I asked her if it would be okay for him to wear them out in the rain, and she said yes, as long as I dried them without heat and as long as I understood that, lacking a sole, they wouldn't last as long as the regular booties. She sent me a sample slipper, made to Morgan's size, for free. He tried it on and loved it! We ordered a set, which she again revised for free, and then ordered a second set.

Morgan wore those slippers indoors and out until he finally fell ill and had to make the journey to Rainbow Bridge, many months later, just two months short of his 15th birthday. They were a great comfort to him. I've posted a link to a video of him walking happily on a neighbor's lawn on Tammy and Teddy's Facebook page, and attached a photo with this note.

I am so grateful to Carol for the depth of her caring and her commitment to making sure Morgan had something comfortable and soothing for his feet during the last months of his life. From a business perspective, the products were top quality, well made with the very finest materials, and her customer service was unparalleled. She was endlessly patient, revising and revising as needed until Morgan's shoes were exactly right. And it always felt as if the booties themselves arrived impregnated with all the love and compassion she feels for all needy critters. You could just feel it in them.

Many thanks, Carol, from all of us who loved Morgan, and from Morgan himself from Rainbow Bridge.

Joan Wikler and Beth Cook

P.S. In this photo, he's wearing two of his black slippers (the other two were hanging to dry) and two of his new white slippers. He was a high fashion doggie. :-)

Hi Carol,

Just a note to let you know how much your "slippers" have made life enjoyable for out little Yorkie mix. Bear is missing his front paw and was unable to walk for any amount of time. That always meant he had to stay home when we would go for out walks, we tried to take him but he was so hobbled he just couldn't do it.

I felt so bad, so I went on the Internet just to see if there was anyone out there that had like a boot or something that would make it less painful for Bear to walk. That is when I found Carol, from Tammy and Teddy's. She was a quality of life savior for Bear. We had to do some measuring and then she came up with a slipper for Bear that now allows him to go on every walk with us without any limping. He is one happy dog, when he sees the leash come out he just rolls over and waits for his slipper to be put on.

We are so thankful we found Carol, without her we would not have the slipper and Bear would not be enjoying his life!

Thanks so much.

Bear's Grandma

My dog, Starr, lived with Degenerative Myelopathy for just over 2 1/2 years. It was very soon after diagnosis that I noticed her knuckling getting severe enough that she had begun to scrape the skin off her toes. I had already sent for a cart made by Eddie's Wheels and remembered having seen something on their website about a company called Tammy and Teddy's for custom boots.

Corgis have funny little feet, so I was sure I'd have to have custom boots to have them stay on. This is especially true because in the early stages of DM, the dogs use speed to make up for the balance problems. Thus, if the boots aren't well-fitting and secure, they get pulled right off.

Carol of Tammy and Teddy's was very easy to work with. She gave me detailed instructions about measuring Starr's feet and talked me though it when I expressed insecurity about doing it right. She makes a quality product and is willing to listen to all feedback to improve the product to suit the individual wearer. She made many pair of boots for Starr and even a pair of doeskin slippers that Starr loved to wear around the house.

When Starr crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, I still had those slippers and some booties which another lucky corgi is currently wearing! That is because Carol includes valuable information about care and maintenance with every pair of booties she sells. She also made a couple of washable slings for me which I passed on to dogs with rear quarter issues after Starr died. Carol's help made living with DM a lot easier for Starr and for me.

Camille & Starr

Hi Carol,

Here's a picture of Tucker, looking dashing in his red boot---the nonquilted custom boot from Tammy and Teddy's. I love how well your custom boots fit Tucker and protect his foot, which knuckles from a fibrocartilaginous embolism (FCE).

I even praise your fabulous boots in my book about Tucker's recovery: "My Dog Has Fallen and He Can't Get Up!: Rehabilitation from a spinal injury with paralysis." I wrote this book as encouragement for anybody whose dog has had an FCE. I hope that by sharing our experiences and some tips for coping with the day-to-day logistical challenges (such as finding boots that both protect the foot and stay on!), that others might be heartened to give their dogs a chance to rehabilitate if the medical prognosis is good.

Please let your customers know about my book, as they will certainly relate to our experience. The book is available on Lulu.com (www.lulu.com/jftm), Amazon.com, and other online booksellers.

By the way, the illustration on the book cover, drawn by our 6-year- old neighbor, depicts Tucker on a walk wearing his red boot. The red boot has become his signature wardrobe item!

Thank you so much for making great products and providing fabulous customer service.


Judy Wolff and Tucker

Words can not express how grateful I am to Carol for making custom made booties and slippers for my paraplegic animals. By wearing their booties they no longer get the sores that are caused when they drag their limbs thus allowing them to get around without being in pain and enabling them to live a more normal life.

Carrie Haggart, Founder
Out to pasture farm & Rescue, Inc.

The booties are wonderful they've made it possible for Kate to use and enjoy using her cart. I can't thank you enough. Kate it so much happier now that she can get out of the house and go for walks again.


We've been recommending Carol's booties for our clients at Eddie's Wheels for Pets for over a year. As the owner of a disabled dog herself, Carol knew what she needed in a bootie to protect her dog's feet as Tammy became more and more neurologically impaired. Carol's booties are cushy, comfortable, and well-made. They wear well and look great - and she's always looking for ways to improve her product.

Leslie and Eddie Grinnell
Eddie's Wheels for Pets

Hi Carol,

I just want to let you know that we absolutely love the booties and It is very comfortable for Jake to walk on. He doesn't love anything on his paws but because it will help him walk outside this is the best bootie we have found for him.

We will keep you in our needs of booties for the future and greatly thank you very much and we wish you and your family the best Holiday yet! Here are some pictures of Jake on his bootie.

Thanks again,

The Joyces
Jake, Jim & Blanche

Hi Carol,

Here are a couple of pictures of Buck in his booties! I hope these make it on your web site!


Hi Carol -

Here's a couple pictures of Willie in his new boots! He loves them and they look great! Let me know if they come through okay and if they're what you were looking for. Thanks for making them for him!!!


I have two Pembroke Welsh Corgies who began having back problems within months of each other. Although they each have a different problem, they both have one thing in common: they badly needed some boots to protect their back paws from "knuckling" and dragging. Store-bought, "off-the-rack" boots just didn't work. They didn't fit right, they didn't stay on.... Then I found Tammy and Teddy's.

What a great find! Carol has a wide variety of boot types, and every pair is custom made for the pet who will wear it. The very best part is that I discovered that two pairs of custom designed T&T boots actually cost less than a four-boot set of ready-made boots from my local pet store. And these boot stay on my dogs! Not to mention Carol's attention to detail and willingness to experiment. Not just a "Dog Boot Maker," Carol is a Designer of a quality therapeutic product.

It may seem like a lot of bother to obtain all the measurements Carol wants to make a pair of dog boots, but the finished product is more than worth the effort. My dogs' boots fit them perfectly, and I'm sure that's one reason they stay on so well. Tammy & Teddy's is a quality company making and selling a quality product for a super price. Who could possibly ask for better?

Jill Jenkins, Tucker, CD and Elaine, Corgi Girl Extraordinaire (and Beaglejuice!)
Real Thing Ranch, Palestine, TX

Hey Carol,

I had to write and tell you about another use for your pup-boots. I am currently fostering a rescue Corgi who was a victim of severe neglect, if not outright abuse, in a puppy-mill breeding situation. Willow came to us with a badly damaged right eye which later had to be removed. Because she is so timid, I was reluctant to place an Elizabethan ("lampshade") collar on her to protect her stitches as she recovered from the surgery, but I was concerned that she was going to damage her incision with all the scratching she was doing. I decided to try placing one of the boots you made for my old man, Tucker (the late Wonder Corgi,) on the Willow's back foot, on the "surgery side." Carol, it's working great! The boot is smooth and soft enough that, although Wil still tries to scratch a little, she can't do herself any damage while she wears her boot. It's been on her for a week now, with no signs of slipping, turning or sliding off. (Of course, I've checked her foot several times during the week, but no adjusting has been necessary.)

Even though this pair of boots wasn't made for Willow, they fit great. She's a much smaller Corgi than Tucker was, but then, Tuck had some really "dainty" feet for his size. The boot I'm using now is from the very first pair you made us, and they still look new after, what, about 12 months? Thanks so much, Carol, once again, for providing a truly quality product.


We received your booties about two weeks ago. These booties are the most gorgeously made ones I have ever seen (and I've seen a lot!) Both girls are wearing them nearly full-time now. They stay on the girls' feet, and for the first time in months, neither girl has open sores on her feet or bleeding toenails. THANK YOU CAROL! I cannot tell you what it does for my heart to NOT have to worry about sores and infections on Sarah and Beatrice.

I was so under-impressed with the booties I had been using (they lasted a few hours before parts of their feet were exposed) that I though I was going to have to make booties myself. I even had a note to myself to go talk to our local shoe-repair man to see what leather scraps and wisdom he might have to offer. Then Leslie from Eddie's Carts pointed me in your direction, thank goodness! My full-time job is going at a frantic pace, and finding time to make bootie prototypes was just not happening. Now that I have found you, knowing that I can get well-made booties for a reasonable price (without making them myself!) is such a huge relief! Frankly, I know I couldn't make them this well at home, at least not for the first several batches. These booties are the best investment I ever made for foot protection for my girls.

Would you please make me a second pair for each girl, since the booties are comfortable enough that they are wearing the booties a LOT? It would be good to be able to switch off, so the booties can get cleaned and dry. Neither pair shows any signs of use, besides a little dirt. One DID get a little chewed up by Eva, my puppy, so if you can make the next pair chew-proof, that would be great. ;-) As far as I can tell, chewing is the only way to damage these booties.

Thank you SO much!
Elaine, Sarah (9 year old GSD with DM) and Beatrice (8 year old GSD with DM)
P.S. I'm attaching a photo of Sarah at a recent GSD Rescue picnic, where she received LOTS of compliments on her stylish footwear!

Dear Tammy and Teddy's,

What a joy to be able to hike with Woody on the Appalachian Trail, no less. He was struggling on just our walks in the neighborhood and I was trying to devise foot coverings with thick fabric and adhesive tape to protect his feet and nails. Your boots were recommended in a couple of the postings on the Wheelcorgis site. I was dubious because of the trouble of keeping anything on his feet, but decided it was strong praise, so needed to give it a shot. After talking with you on the phone and ordering, the boots came and THEY WORK! They stay on and actually seem to help with picking up his feet and foot placement, as well as protecting his feet. I also got a soft pair for inside- very comfy and stylish. I have already recommended you to two other individuals and my vet's office. Thank you for such a useful and well made product, and the care with which they are made. It helps a tough situation much happier for owner and dog.

With best regards.
Margie Capell and Woody

Hi Carol:

I just want to thank you again for making the tiny slippers for my Chihuahua last fall. I'm thanking everyone who helped her in her life. On April 15, 2008 she passed away at home with us. She was so strong willed and such a fighter, but she was still a terminally sick dog. I miss her and love her more than I could ever express and every day was a blessing with her.

Thank you again for make a difference in lives like Greta's!

Tammy Lafreniere